Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 14

There's a little bump!!

How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: About 4 pounds

Maternity clothes? Not yet!
Stretch marks? Thankfully no.
Best moment this week: Baby is coming with us on our very belated honeymoon!
Miss anything: At this point I miss my appetite.
Movement: Not that I can feel.
Food cravings: Pizza!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Oranges, also the fridge...
Worst symptom: Peeing every 5 minutes or so is getting a little old.
Have you started to show yet: Just a little.

  Gender: I don't know yet!
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.

  Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: A mix. (See below).
Looking forward to: Actually looking pregnant!

That's a pic of me at work when I was feeling extra huge (so please excuse the 
traffic cone orange shirt). BabyLang is the size of a large lemon this week, head 
to bottom it's 3 and a half inches! It's getting all kinds of facial developments: it 
can squint, frown, and grimace and may be sucking it's thumb. (So cute!)

In other news, jeans are no longer comfortable at all. I can still button the button,
 but I hate wearing anything so restricting. I've done the "rubberband in the button 
hole" thing but I'm not quite big enough for that, so basically if I wear jeans, they're
 unbuttoned and I wear a long shirt so (hopefully) no one can tell.

Also I basically live in the bathroom which sucks. My daily exercise is walking 
back and forth to the bathroom approximately 85 times a day.
I still get queasy but I haven't thrown up in about a week!! (That's a lie, I threw 
up yesterday. But other than that it was like a week which was HUGE!) 

As far as mood goes, Chris says that he can't wait for the baby to come so 
'nice Jocelyn' can come back. I sort of hate people a little right now. But I can
 be happy too (*Sheepish grin).

I'm in my second trimester so according to all the pregnancy literature I've
 seen, I should start feeling awesome any second now...

Now I need to go pack because Chris and I are FINALLY going on our 
honeymoon. (After 2 years and  10 months of marriage, it's about time!) 
I guess living in Hawaii just gave us the perfect opportunity.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas Baby Surprise!

Chris and I told our parents on Christmas about our big, exciting news. You can read the story here.

Well I finally edited the videos of them opening their special gift so you can take a look. You'll have to excuse the poor video quality. We had siblings record them (on phones I think) and so the files aren't great. But you'll get the drift.

On an unrelated note, I'll be into my second trimester on Wednesday and I'm starting to feel loads better! I even went for a jog/walk this morning. And also I'm at that weird pregnancy stage where my belly is poking out just enough that I look fat and not actually pregnant.

Hopefully that won't last long.

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates and baby bump pictures!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A rose by any other name...

When I was little, I got anxiety over naming my Barbies and baby dolls. Naming an actual human being that you can't change the name of when you get tired of it is WAY harder.

The thing that makes it easier is that I already know what I want the name to be if it's a girl. It's a family name, and a name I decided on when I was like 16 years old. I had a list of boy's names but suddenly when I pictured calling my child that, I didn't like them anymore.

Names on my boy list (none of which I think I like anymore):

  • Ryder
  • Desmond
  • Jude 
  • Titus
  • Declan
  • Theodore
  • Nolan
  • Chandler
  • Donovan
So instead of continually googling 'boy names' I went to the library and got the most recent baby name book I could find:

(Circa 2006)

So far it still hasn't helped me find more names that I like, but it has some rather amusing lists that I thought you might enjoy.

For instance, if I wanted my future daughter or son to be a fashionista, I might choose from the " Future Fashionistas" list which has names like:

  • Ant (B)
  • Barkan (B)
  • Blevin (B)
  • Calum (B)
  • Kenji (B)
  • Anoushka (G)
  • Chiara (G)
  • Elkie (G)
  • Joonypur (G)
  • Tirsa (G)
Or maybe I want my child to be a vegetarian. Well wouldn't you know, there's a list for that too:
  • A'Dhron (B)
  • Bonita (G)
  • Biondi (B)
  • Detra (G)
  • Kemper (B)
  • Fara Lynn (G)
The book is complete with other lists such as
  • Future Models
  • Future Doctors
  • Future Republicans
  • High Spirited Kids
  • Bad-to-the Bone, Death Row Names (obviously choosing from this one, the first name is Adolph.)
  • Scary Creepy Names
  • Names that make kids feel weird (why???)
Anyway, I've obviously got a bit more research to do. The good news is that I have roughly 6 more months in which to do it.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome! (FAQs)

Well now that the cat's out of the bag, I guess I can welcome the world (i.e. Facebook community) to my baby blog!!!

If you haven't seen the announcement video yet, watch and enjoy!
Now, so that I can answer these questions once here are some frequently asked questions when people have found out that we're pregnant!!

When are you due?
August 22

When are you moving from Hawaii?
Chris and I are planning to move back to Provo, Utah sometime in late March/early April. We haven't set a specific date yet.

Are you going to find out the gender?
Absolutely! I think we will find out when we get back to Utah so that we have an excuse to throw a party with all our friends! Oh also, make sure you vote on the left sidebar for what you think the gender will be.

How far along are you?
I will be 13 weeks on Wednesday, which means I'm almost done with my first trimester and hopefully almost done with morning sickness.

Have you thought of any baby names yet??
Why yes, yes we have. In fact watch out for the next blog post which will be all about our baby name adventures.

Have you been sick?
Why yes, yes I have. Take a little look see at some of my previous blog posts (like this one or this one) and you can get detailed descriptions of just how sick I have been.

Have you had any ultra sounds?
Yep! Check here for ultra sound 1 and a picture and here for the deets on ultra sound 2.

When did you find out?
We found out on the last day of my internship in December. You can read all about it here.

Are you showing yet?
No, I wish that I was, but I'm not. But you better believe that as soon as I do I will post pictures weekly.

Will you still update your other blog?
Yes I will. I'll reserve this blog for baby updates and that one for everything else. In fact, there will be a link on that blog that will take you directly to this one. Go and see for yourself. Go to and on the left side where all the other pages are, it says baby at the bottom. It will take you right back here.

If you have any other questions, read around my other posts and feel free to ask me anything! Chris and I are absolutely ecstatic and we can't wait to meet our little baby! We're so excited to be parents!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thank you!

I get bored pretty easily and I love doing something with my hands. Since I've been in bed so much lately, I've been pretty bored. So to help with this boredom I made a little card for Chris (in bed of course).

He liked it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fighting food

I can't believe how much my outlook on food has changed since becoming great with child. Eating has become the biggest ordeal.

What will I eat? What can I eat? What sounds good? What have I not thrown up recently? (Something about seeing food come back up makes it really difficult to swallow that same food down later. I.e. yogurt, tomato soup, babybell cheese, Taco Bell, mashed potatoes.)

Before getting pregnant I was always struggling with dieting. Not any no carb thing or really specific plan. I was just working really hard to eat the right amount of the right foods and count my calories to ensure I wasn't eating too much. However, my 'diet' often diminished into "I'm watching TV and I'm bored I'm going to get a snack...and another snack....and another snack" until all of a sudden I've eaten so much food that I'm incredibly full and don't even want to figure out how many calories that was.

Now it's more like:
Chris- what do you want to eat?
Jocelyn- I don't know...
Chris- do you want A, B, or C?
Jocelyn- no. None of that sounds good.
Chris- how about you try and eat some D.
Jocelyn- ok, I guess I can try that

Then I get whatever food D is and I stare at it. I move it around with my fork. I take a tiny nibble. I gag. And then I tell Chris I'm done and feel miserable.

Eating is such a chore. I don't enjoy any aspect of it. I wish I could just get all my nutrients through some sort of feeding tube inserted directly into my stomach so I don't actually have to eat. That would be nice.

Maybe by the time I get to month four I'll actually want to eat. But the way things are going I won't have to worry about gaining too much extra weight.

What have your food experiences been like in pregnancy?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's ALIVE!!!

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday. Can I just say how much I hate getting up on those little beds and trying not to rip the paper? I hate it a lot. Chris made fun of me cause I sort of hopped onto the bed so I wouldn't slide the paper up. I don't know. Just agitating.

In other news, we got to hear the heartbeat! It was difficult to make out at first, but once I heard it in the background I couldn't help but start beaming. That's my little baby in there with the most beautiful rhythmic heartbeat I've ever heard. I wish I had a recording of it that I could listen to all the time. I've never heard such a pleasing sound. That little thump -thump- thump, thump- thump- thump... there's really a little baby in there.

I have to be honest, despite all my MANY pregnancy symptoms, sometimes I forget that I'm growing a child. It certainly explains why I'm so tired all the time, but usually I just feel sick. I haven't been able to successfully associate the two things in my brain. Maybe it's because I don't want to associate my precious baby with such a wretched feeling.

Speaking of pregnancy symptoms, I'm not nauseous all the time anymore! YAY! However, I do throw up a whole lot more. In fact I lost two pounds since my last doctor visit. The doctor didn't seem concerned but the only thing she seems concerned about is me going to a genetics testing information meeting. I've done some research and already decided that I don't want to get genetics testing. But she's pushing this meeting on me like my baby's life depends on it. I wonder if she gets some kind of bonus for each patient she sends. I really don't like my doctor. I'm looking forward to moving to Utah and finding a midwife.

Unfortunately the doctor pushed my due date back from August 19 to August 22. The closer this gets to the start of Fall semester, the more worried I get. The good news is that I get to spend the end of my pregnancy relaxing and eating bon bons (if I so desire) out of school. The bad news is that school starts like a week after the baby will be born. I wonder if my teachers will help me work out some kind of maternity leave. I mean this is BYU after all, girls are having babies left and right. I'm sure it will all work out.

Now I'm going to relax, read my baby name book, and replay that little thump-thump-thump over and over again in my head.